Structural Bioinformatics


ISCB Regional Student Group Denmark


The first academic event by CBioVikings took place in the professional settings of DTU building 101 in the end of February 2015. It was co-organized with IDA Biotechnology and the Danish Biotechnological Society. More than 70 people had shown up to witness the opening of the event with CBioVikings Advisor, Professor José MG Izarzugaza(DTU), followed by Professor Thomas Frimurer(UCPH) who gave the first CBioVikings Lecture, and Professor Ingemar André(LU) as the first international speaker. At the event we had 3D printed model proteins related to the subject of the speakers with the help of DTU Skylab. A short presentation about the Danish Elixir Node was given as well as two SpaceNavigator® sponsored by the company 3Dconnexion, were awarded as prizes for providing feedback on the event. Following the event was food and networking with a beer.

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